Live Media Concert I C::ntr::l Nature at Screenplay, plus artist talk, Berlin

  • Location:
    .CHB, Berlin, DE

I C::ntr::l Nature v3.0 
Audiovisual concert for augmented bass guitar, Xth Sense biosensing technology and butterfly
by Marco Donnarumma.
Saturday 9th April
h. 19.00
Panoramasaal, .CHB, Berlin
Panel discussions, performances and installations by Mia Makela, Pierce Warnecke, Yroyto, Olga Mink, Abstract Birds, Servando Barreiro among the others.
SCREENPLAY represents contemporary audiovisual art with special focus on generative or cinematographic performance as well as performance involving live-camera-feedback.
SCREENPLAY shows an eclectic selection of artists who explore aestetic principles on the frontiers of new technologies, interactive story-telling and the interplay of audio and video.
Artist Talk
Saturday 9th April
h 20.30
NK, Berlin
Donnarumma will present some of his works, all deploying self-designed, Pure Data-based software, eventually focusing on the ongoing research project for biophysical live media 'Xth Sense'.