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COOKIE Portrait by Carlo Zanni , 2002-2011 OnGoing

COOKIE Portrait is a project from 2002, that after several years of sleep, has been restored and launched again in 2011.  Please enjoy.
Carlo Zanni
COOKIE Portraits are numbered portraits I send visitors for free every
time they visit the project's homepage. This work is based on the same cookie technology
that is usually used by big commercial websites such as Amazon to monitor
the choices made by users on their websites and to present product suggestions.
With the help of this technology, my portraits record the workstation
environment settings of the connected user, sending him a very slim text file containing information about his operative system, ports, kind of
browser and a sentence with the explication of the project and a progressive
number. This work speculates on the role of the online market and the
possible distinctions between a man and a shopping cart.
How to get your cookie portrait:

The 2011 cookie has been set to expire in one week. So if you want to keep it follow these steps:
The easiest way to collect your cookie ( except than copying the online text
generated at the website when you visit the project homepage at http://www.zanni.org/cookieproject
) is to use Internet Explorer. It stores cookies as text files in a directory called
COOKIE under Windows.
Opera has a cookies4.dat file. With Firefox 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0 the cookie
information is stored in the files cookies.sqlite and permissions.sqlite.
In Firefox 2 or below and Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x, cookies are stored
in the cookies.txt file and cookie site permissions are stored in the hostperm.1
file. That SQLite file cannot be read with a normal text editor as it is
a mini database (SQLite). You can use sqlite-manager ("https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager/")