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Liberty to Libya

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In the Liberty to Libya project
an augmented reality dove is currently circling the city of Tripoli,
Libya. The dove is carrying a scroll on which tweets from around the
world can be seen.
To use the project participants need only log into their twitter
accounts and tweet with the phrase- #libertytolibya
in the tweet.
The participants tweet will be
displayed on the the scroll carried by the dove above real world Libya.
As the dove flies it will attempt to locate Muammar Muhammad
. If it is successful it will land and deliver the scroll
to him. The dove will then attempt to follow him as he changes location.
***Please add your location when you tweet-
An augmented reality app is about to be released which will allow
participants to view the dove above Libya in realtime. More in the next
few days!
This project is a collaboration by:
Mark Skwarek
Joseph Hocking
John Craig Freeman
thanks to Sander Veenhof