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Video Vortex 6 Amsterdam: *best*RapidEssayNSFW!! Emile Zile

  • Location:
    Trouw Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, NL

*best*RapidEssayNSFW!! new solo audiovisual performance by Emile Zile for Video Vortex closing night event. Expanded Browsing. Prepared Video. Caveman VJing. Millenial dot com crash cult leader monologues, evolution and decay, language and  truth, animism and portraiture.
Constant Dullaart, Anja Masling and Giorgi Tabatadze are also showing work, Katja Novitskova will DJ.
Video Vortex 6: Beyond Youtube. Since 2007, Video Vortex events, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions have taken place throughout (and outside of) Europe, and includes the
publication of the first Video Vortex Reader (2008), and the second one
being published March 2011. With this program, the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, and its project partners, have been initiating
and facilitating a deep study of online video in its diverse forms and
uses, and further, its impact both on, and within, the information