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New on The Hyperliterature Exchange and Furtherfield for February 2011 - a review of Andy Campbell's four-part digital mystery-story, "Nightingale's Playground", which appeared online last year.
"Campbell has always been at pains not to place his text in front of his images, or beneath them or to one side, like labels on tanks at the zoo or explanatory plaques next to pictures in a gallery ; instead he puts his words inside his graphical environments, sometimes hidden or partially-hidden inside them, so that we have to explore to read. It pulls us in, and it makes his work inherently immersive and interactive… His central characters are often living in a reality with two layers: the "ordinary" everyday world which is mean, dull, shoddy and constricting, but relatively safe; and an inner or underlying reality which can only be glimpsed rather than viewed as a whole, possibly because it is so dangerous and frightening - a reality which emerges fitfully via dreams, games, imaginings and doodles."
To read the whole article, go to - or it should be appearing within a couple of days on the Further field site, at .review_id=406 .
- Edward Picot
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