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I Love Presets and Duplicates at Nightingale Theater Chicago

  • Location:
    Nightingale Theater, 1084 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 60642, US

I Love Presets (w/ Duplicates)
Wednesday, 03/09/2011 8PM!
The Nightingale Theater, 1084 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL [map]
After battling a renegade tribe of yetis hell-bent on stealing I Love Presets' gear during Chicago's Snowpocalypse 2011, Rob Ray, Jon Satrom and Jason Soliday are back at the Nightingale for an evening of realtime audio/video.
Duplicates, a collaboration between: Joseph Kramer and Ryan Dunn will kick off the evening at 8:00 p.m.
I Love Presets (Rob Ray, Jason Soliday, and Jon Satrom) creates websites, videos and live multimedia performances that simultaneously exalt and heckle the contemporary digital lifestyle.
I Love Presets—equipped with their woodchipper of bizarre shareware, custom video games, circuit bent electronics, handcrafted synthesizers, and modern audio software— warp, agitate, mulch and re-digest 909 kick drum hits, computer error messages, Internet pop-up ads and screen capture videos into a quivering and spastic audio-visual cacophony.
The band’s stuttering, shrieking, hardcore explorations of computer history, Internet humor, digital boosterism and social media performance crack open and spelunk a technological present that lurches between enhanced and encumbered, contemporary and obsolescent, and utopic and dystopic.


rob ray March 5 2011 17:25Reply

We're making keyboard/midi-controller piñatas! What would you want to smack with a bat? (and if you're coming, load your phone with a QR code reader and play along with us!)