The Semiotics of Video Games

The Semiotics of Video Games is an art miscellany that investigates the production of meaning in videogames. It does so through seven themes inspired by the essays of the Computer Games between Text and Practice online publication, edited in 2009 by the Associazione Italiana di Studi Semiotici. The themes are conveyed using artworks that have been selected internationally and across various media: photography, video and video games.
By exposing a wide range of semiotic issues and artistic assertions, the miscellany wants to uncover the ambiguous interdependence that exist between our everyday cultural reality and the rhetoric manifesting itself in video games. We assist at what seems an aggregation of the two realms, and the viewer of the online exhibition will have to make his own mind on what still characterize both. Do video games get closer to our perception of reality, or is our perception of reality getting closer to video games?