Audio Screening | To The Last Syllable of Recorded Time

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Audio Screening | Tim Bamber and Jake Garber
Sunday 30 January 2011 | 6-8pm
Doors: 5:40pm

Welcome to SoundFjord's purely listening event. Bring your ears to the gallery to explore the world of sound is all its facets and guises.

Fifth in the series, Tim Bamber and Jake Garber will explore the concepts and inspiration that constitute their work To The Last Syllable of Recorded Time, a piece completely synthesised out of recording taken of the performer Oumar Kouyate. The duo will talk about the piece and play music from the artist. An AV work commissioned by the artists as a visual response to their work will also be screened. During the day, ethnographic films will be screened to compliment and highlight questions about culture, oral/aural tradition and the act of creative response within non-western cultures.

In the future, a variety of international artists, label owners and curators will be invited to curate listening nights once a month.

£2 Reservation
Contact gallery for details: info[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk

Location: SoundFjord Gallery | Unit 3b - Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER |