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STREAING FESTIVAL on VisualcontainerTV

International Videoart Festival
5th Edition, The Hague - NL
From 01 December to 10 December 2010
only on VisualcontainerTV

VisualcontainerTV is glad to host a selection from 5th Edition of STREAMING FESTIVAL, International Videoart Festival from The Hague, he Netherlands.
The selection is presented on ExhibitContainer, a format that only shows International Videoart festivals and curatorial projects from all over the world.
The on-line exhibition will be simultaneous with the Festival's opening in THE HAGUE, to promote the best interaction between Italy and Netherlands on behalf of all videoart followers.

The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audiovisual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year.
In addition to this, every month a video program is streamed on the festival website. These programs each have their own theme and concept and are composed by guest programmers and festival partners.
Anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream from any location, at any given time and start watching contemporary art and films.


Videos Presented:

Dalibor Baric - The mind from nowhere (9:23)
Jorge Garcia - The Beast (5:20)
Ashleigh Nankivell - Helping Johnny.. (2:44)
Jean-gabriel Périot - Les barbares (5:00)
Rick Niebe - Goodbye Mrs Ant (4.40)
Fabio Scacchioli - Nightlife in a puddle (8.00)
Josien Vogelaar - Penelope (9:24)
Grimanesa Amoros - Preoccupation (1:12)
Surabhi Saraf - Fold (7:33)

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