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New video launch: Mysteries Of Carom

  • Location:
    Los Angeles

Mysteries of Carom
4:19, 2010
Single channel video made completely from found footage.

No matter the great lengths I've gone to in order to elevate the video contents to a level of artistic merit and provoke intellectual conversation, it remains quite graphic in some sections so please be aware of that fact in deciding to view this video.

video description:
Mysteries Of Carom derives it’s title from the origin word “Carom” which is a type of Billiard game. The video is meant as a contemplation of a specific sexual act that is difficult to view, or for some people hard to understand. Upon discovering the origin video, I found the subject matter complex and disturbing but also felt compelled to use the negative feelings I was having to create a work of art that is multi-layered, interesting and has a sense of humor and wonder about itself. The soundtrack is meant to provide context and assist the audience in the formation of a complex narrative and should bring about a feeling of child-like wonder, whimsy and surreal if not disgusted interest in the world we live in. The music is meant to be disparate and opposite of the source video. The comedic and curious stance the video takes is meant as an elevation of this type of subject matter to an artistic context.


Brooke McGowen Nov. 16 2010 18:32Reply

Sorry, I could not watch it.