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VF betaAR

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    New York


November 14, part of BUSHWICK AUGMENTED REALITY INTERVENTION 2010 at BETA Spaces 2010 organized by Mark Skwarek and hosted by Nurture Art in Bushwick, Brooklyn (NY)

A new variant of Virta-Flaneurazine, VF betaAR, has been successfully developed which is produced from the skin secretions of bio- engineered and programmed hybrid Bufo toads. When areas of these toads are touched, the resulting reaction causes a wandering viewer to see things appearing from itinerant virtual worlds and other sources on the Internet. This perception can be simultaneously viewed on an iPhone or Android device using Layars or other augmented reality software. Though the parameters of the effects are somewhat limited at this point, this appears to be a very important step towards an integrated and compelling psychic experience.