Laurie Lipton

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Laurie Lipton "Machine Punk" - Jessica Joslin "Hybrids"

November 5 - 28, 2010
Artist Reception: Friday, November 5th; 8-11 PM
Book Signing to precede from 7-8 pm

Laurie Lipton "Machine Punk"
La Luz de Jesus Gallery I
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90027

Laurie Lipton "Machine Punk"
"This show was inspired by the Steampunk movement that is sweeping Britain. Instead of steam, however, my devices are mostly run by electricity and madness. I was vacuuming one day and noticed the amount of plugs and cables on the floor… a veritable wasp's nest of wires and sockets connecting a hoard of gadgets and doo-dads intertwining around the house and my life. I was trapped like a fly in an electrical web. What had happened? Were these things making my life easier or more complex? I began with The Steam Punk Pocket Watch, an absurd idea of a time piece too huge & complex for anyone's pocket, and went whirling on from there. These machines are designed to hinder, control and/or give the illusion of technology. I had a tremendous amount of fun creating the images and think that this show will touch anyone who has ever become entwined, up to the eyebrows, in the Technological Age." - Laurie Lipton

Jessica Joslin
La Luz de Jesus Gallery II
November 5 - 28, 2010
Artist Reception: Friday, November 5th; 8-11 PM
Book Signing to precede from 7-8 pm

Jessica Joslin's "Hybrids" is a circus of oddities, a mixed-media menagerie of unexpected creatures. A whimsical cat in a red leather harness harness pulls his polycephalic partner along on a wooden cart, blue and brown eyes gleaming mischievously. An exquisite two headed tropical bird with lush brass plumage preens on its perch. A troupe of monkey-cat hybrids engage in mysterious shenanigans, and truncated half-creatures preside over the festivities.

The creatures that populate Joslin's world are intricate fusions of bone, brass, antique hardware and other bits and bobs. Sparkling glass eyes are inset in kid leather, giving these fanciful hybrids the illusion of life and animation. They seem ready to spring up and play, just as soon as no one is watching. In her work, Joslin celebrates wit, whimsy, ingenuity, insightful curiosity and skill. The finely wrought craftsmanship renders the hand of the maker at once visible (the miniature bolts, springs and joints which comprise anatomical structures are readily discerned) and invisible (there is a keen sense of their unique personalities, and as such, the illusion that they are not constructions, but rather living beings.)

"Hybrids" is a menagerie of distinctive creations, its frolicsome fauna beckon you to come see the show!

La Luz de Jesus is located at the Soap Plant / Wacko building
at 4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027.
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