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The Danger Art Rage Erotic - International Video Project will have his worldwide debut at the 4th IN and OUT Festival held in Gdansk (Poland). Festival is focused on works that seeks to find innovative formal and aesthetic solutions and invited the D.A.R.E Project to open this year’s edition of the event as special foreign curational show.

The D.A.R.E. is a brand new project exploring the notion of radical beauty aiming to overcome the usual criticism of social construction of beauty, mostly regarding the representations of the human soul in media. It seeks also to promote the ideals of aesthetic limits of video within a plural context as well visually expressing the confrontation of reality and society.

The presentation is set in two session of half-an-hour happening next 21st and 22nd of October 2010 by 16h00 at the Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art and it will be open to everyone. The line-up contemplates 16 videos from 12 artists who worked already on the given subject established by a selective and restrictive invitation policy to accomplish the first year program: Vienne Chan (Hong-Kong); William Esdale (Northern Ireland); Danny Germansen (Denmark); Michael Douglas Hawk (UK); Luca Curci (Italy); Fabiana Roscioli (Italy); Niclas Hallberg (Sweden); Anders Weberg (Sweden); Stina Pehrsdotter (Sweden); Paul Rascheja (Poland); Michał Brzeziński (Poland) and Alberto Guerreiro (Portugal).

Is also programmed the founder and curator presence for a short communication regarding D.A.R.E. Project before the screening.