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The World Film Festival of Montreal turns to the digital culture

The FFM turns to the digital culture

K-project presents Interface : a series of outside audiovisual performances, including 25 artists stemming from the Montreal electronic culture and of the foreigner. Let us mention the participation of Dj Maus, Dj Pfreud, K-project's Vjs, Vj Yan Breuleux, Vj Pillow as well as four live musical performances. Interface wants to be a technological platform among sound and visual creators. Face-to-face, they will offer during the 11 days of the World Films an unforgettable sensory experience.

For the FFM 2002 edition, creators of digital videos and electronic music will handle their "instruments" on various subjects ( Honoring Japan, Latin rhythms, forms and movements, etc.). Interface will take place on the main scene of the FFM from August 23rd till September 2nd, 2002, between 8pm and 8h30pm. The performances will be diffused on two huge screens from SpotVision.

K-project, organizer of the event, can be defined as a collective of artists whose core is established and constitued of Frederic Beaulieu and Valerie Leduc. They are creators of atmospheres or, more exactly , landscapes with a strong visual sense. These atmospheres are elaborated from concepts which, although vary according to the event, base themselves on this guideline of the world to discover through digital vision. K-project has performed during numerous electronic manifests and cultural events such as the MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL NEW CINEMA NEW MEDIA, Montreal Electronics Groove ( MEG), the Festival international de nouvelle danse, the SAT Mix-Sessions evenings, etc.

Please , come discover these Vjs, Djs, electronic musicians. And please , be prepared to be sent in a digital universe!

Schedule :

23 / Alain Thibault et Yan Breuleux (LIVE SET)
24 / Dj Maus - Vj Valerie Leduc, K-project
25 / Dj Leo Cruz