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Indeterminate Hikes

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    New York

ecoarttech @ conflux 2010
ecoarttech leads hikes through NYC's urban wilderness/wildness with the new Indeterminate Hikes (IH) Android app.
saturday 9 october 2pm
east village, corner of Lafayette & Astor Place

Indeterminate Hikes (IH) is an Android app that acts as your personal guide through New York City's Urban Wilderness. With its database of hiking trails and by determining your location, IH will direct you to a series of Scenic Vistas, where you wi…ll have the opportunity to contemplate nature or wildness in a globalized, urban space and the overlapping terrains of psychological and environmental ecologies. At each Scenic Vista you are encouraged (1) to take 30 mindful breaths or a 5-minute break, and (2) after this meditative moment, capture and upload an image of your ecological experience to the IH website with your Smartphone. Your images are archived in the Scenic Vista database and will be available to all IH participants. Through the experience of taking a walk and slowing down in the city, Indeterminate Hikes seeks to cultivate the imagination of nature, wildness, and sustainability in a networked, cosmopolitan environment. Bring your Smartphone but you can hike without one too:

This performance is the latest manifestation of the Indeterminate Hikes project first exhibited in Undercurrents: Experimental Ecosystems in Recent Art, curated by Whitney Museum of American Art ISP curatorial fellows in spring 2010.