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I would like to invite you to watch all-new stuff on http://psomm.tv
Remember, psomm.tv this is non-interactive television!
It plays machinimas, created in the virtual world of Second Life, and has done so for more than half of a year.
The relationship between virtual body (avatar) and its real mind is the main subject of matter.

In this schedule (for two weeks available) i.a. :

-subjective selection of pieces of art by SaveMe Oh (performer, machinima maker)
-forwarding and watching virtual performance by Eva and Franco Mattes (net-art pioneers)
-and since 22:23 till 0:50 (UTC+2 timezone) you can watch virtual-real porn - "Psomm&Prostitute" my newest documentary machinima.

Keep on watching!
Piotr Kopik