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36 Dramatic Situations

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[size=40]36 Dramatic Situations[/size]
May 28 - June 11
Opening Reception: May 28, 7-10 PM

140 Jackson St. #4D
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Supplication ♦ Deliverance ♦ Crime pursued by vengeance ♦ Vengeance taken for kin upon kin ♦ Pursuit ♦ Disaster ♦ Falling prey to cruelty/misfortune ♦ Revolt ♦ Daring enterprise ♦ Abduction ♦ The enigma ♦ Obtaining ♦ Enmity of kin ♦ Rivalry of kin ♦ Murderous adultery ♦ Madness ♦ Fatal imprudence ♦ Involuntary crimes of love ♦ Slaying of kin unrecognized ♦ Self-sacrifice for an ideal ♦ Self-sacrifice for kin ♦ All sacrificed for passion ♦ Necessity of sacrificing loved ones ♦ Rivalry of superior vs. inferior ♦ Adultery ♦ Crimes of love ♦ Discovery of the dishonour of a loved one ♦ Obstacles to love ♦ An enemy loved ♦ Ambition ♦ Conflict with a god ♦ Mistaken jealousy ♦ Erroneous judgement ♦ Remorse ♦ Recovery of a lost one ♦ Loss of loved ones

"Now to this declared fact that there are no more than thirty-six dramatic situations, is attached a singular corollary, the discovery that there are in life but thirty-six emotions. A maximum of thirty-six emotions, and therein we have all the savor of existence…"
-Georges Polti, "The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, 1916

Organized by Scott Kiernan

Alisa Barymboym
Amelia Saul
Ania Diakoff
Anne Yalon
Cigdem Kaya
Colby Bird
Deric Carner
Derek Larson
Elena Bajo
Eric Angles
Ethan Miller
Georgia Sagri
Gregory Edwards
J Parker Valentine
Jakob Schillinger
Jen Liu
Joshua Smith
Justin Craun
Justin Samson
Katrina Lamb
Lily Benson
Lisa Oppenheim
Maya Kishi-Andersen
Nuno Ramalho
Peter Coffin
R. Venticinque
Scott Kiernan
Shinsuke Aso
Sreshta Premnath
Thomas Torres Cordova
Tova Carlin


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Above images (from top to bottom) by: Peter Coffin, Justin Samson