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  • Deadline:
    July 9, 2004, 10:27 a.m.

Chicago Motion Graphics Festival
Call for Entry

__** About the Festival **__

The Chicago Motion Graphics Festival (CMGF) was founded out of a need to give the motion graphics artists and producers of the Midwest a forum for their cutting edge creations. We are looking through a wide-angle lens at the motion graphics landscape, searching for the most innovative designs. We seek to promote those who are creating pioneering visuals and we hope to inspire everyone else in the process.

For complete details and to download an entry form, see the website of After Effects Chicago, http://www.aeChicago.org.

__** Schedule **__

CFE DEADLINE: 9 September 2004
The CMG Festival Premiere will be held the second week of October in Chicago, followed by screenings in multiple venues nationally.

__** Categories **__

Each competitor enters and competes in one of three main categories:


In addition, competitors may enter their work in as many of the following Festival-wide Special Selection Categories as the work qualifies for. An entry can only be a Finalist in one of these, so if necessary when works have been submitted in multiple Special Selection categories, the jury will decide which one best represents it.

ANIMATICS - Test commercials, rough drafts, animated storyboards.

AROUND THE WORLD - Motion graphics from outside the Midwest. These will not be eligible for prizes or tour participation.

ART / CREATIVE - Experimental, trick tape, video art.

DEMO REEL - Collected selections or effects from a single company, artist, organization or group, designed to illustrate their particular talents and/or breadth of past work – a video portfolio or sample reel.

GAMING FILM / MACHINIMA - Films made with game software or about games, anime music video, video game TV promotion, video game trailers, anything made using a game to produce footage for the piece.

INFORMATIONAL GRAPHICS - Edutainment, technical illustration, concept marketing, crash scene reconstruction, courtroom video.

MUSIC VIDEO - Set to music.

NARRATIVE - Tells a story.

PROMOTION - Commercials, bumpers, or spot. Motion Graphics promoting a particular client, product or logo.

REALTIME - VJs, visuals, video created in real-time, software, screensavers, loop artist, real-time video performance.

UNDER 1 MINUTE - DVD menus, Flash intro animations, logo treatments, interstitials, tricks, loops, pocket films.

__** Jury **__

Festival nominations are judged in two rounds, first by the AEChicago Advisory Board and then by the CMGF jury members.

::Company Jury::

Chicago Advertising Federation board members, including:

- Rocco Smeriglio, Partner, Yahoo!
- Stacie Boney, Executive Vice President, BBDO Chicago
- Kathleen Bucaro-Zobens, Executive Creative Director, Draft
- Alan Cohen, Senior Partner, Ogilvy & Mather
- Dan Dunn, Director of National Advertising, Chicago Tribune
- Amy Hoffar, VP of Marketing Communications, DDB Chicago
- Conchita Lockhart, Director of Advertising Services, Kraft
- Ellen Oberman, Senior Vice President, Foote, Cone & Belding
- Anne O'Malley, Director of Advertising, USA Today
- Marlena Peleo-Lazar, Chief Creative Officer, McDonald's Corporation
- Robert Ross, Midwest Sales Manager, Wall Street Journal
- Deb Smith, Midwest Advertising Director, Oprah Magazine

:: Individual & Student Jury ::

- Susie Dittmar, CNN Entertainment
- Stephany Andrews, SAIC / Pixar
- Katie Salen, New School
- Jerry Bryant, JBTV - Alternative Music Video Programming
- Brian Dressel, OVT Visuals

__** Prizes **__

* Featured spot on the Festival tour (see below)
* Inclusion on the Chicago Loops DVD
* Prize Pack of over 100 After Effects plugins, including: Speedscripter, Buena's Essential Plugin Pack, PatchMaker's Motion Tracker, and more
* Submission of work to:
- RESFEST, New York
- Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore
- Lost Film Fest, Philadelphia
- Audiovisualizers, ICA London
- Reelfest, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

__** Festival Tour **__

The festival tour is designed to promote Midwestern motion graphics talent to a wide variety of professional, artistic and popular audiences.

- SXSW (South by Southwest)
- Lumen Eclipse Experimental Video Night, Boston
- Subtle Technologies, Toronto
- Austin Music Network
- National Motion Graphics Users Groups

__** Submission Guidelines **__

While people from everywhere can submit entries for inclusion in the CMGF Chicago Premiere event, only those from the US Midwest are eligible for awards/tour.

DVD or MiniDV (NTSC) are preferred.
1/2" VHS (NTSC) and Beta will also be accepted.

Materials are non-returnable. No originals, please.
Entries accepted only by mail, accompanied by a signed entry form.

Entries should be accompanied by:
(1) A brief artist or company bio.
(2) A list of the software used to create the work, and an indication of the content's original format (i.e. computer animation, live action footage, hand-drawing, stills, etc.), and
(3) A description of the work of 35 words or fewer. A separate description of not more than 100 words may also be included if desired.

Include a self-addressed stamped postcard or envelope if you would like notification that your entry has been received.

Student: $5.00
Individual $25.00
Company $50.00

Student work must have been created while the competitor was in attendance at a Midwestern institution. Note: Student, Individual and Company works are judged by different jury members and are eligible for different prizes.

Make checks or money orders payable to, and send entries to:

Art After Next, NFP
1933 West Crystal Street, #3B
Chicago, IL 60622