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Whitney Sunrise and Sunset: Stephanie Rothenberg,

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Stephanie Rothenberg, "Outlook: Untitled"
MARCH 30, 2010-


SUNRISE AND SUNSET is a series of Internet art projects commissioned by the Whitney Museum specifically for whitney.org to mark sunset and sunrise in New York City every day. Unfolding over a timeframe of ten to thirty seconds, each project accompanies a transition of the website’s background color from white (day) to black (night) and vice versa. A new project will be posted every three to four months.

The second commission in the series is “Outlook: Untitled” by artist Stephanie Rothenberg (http://www.pan-o-matic.com/about). At sunrise and sunset, a frenzy of faux pop-up advertisements referencing the current world economic crisis take over the screen space of whitney.org. The advertisements are interrupted by a spinning globe that turns into a Magic 8-Ball fortune telling game, inviting visitors to “try me.” The Magic 8-Ball delivers ambiguous messages or cryptic advice about our possibilities of shaping economic structures or affecting the state of the world at the click of a button. “Outlook: Untitled” employs the strategies of mediated Internet culture in which all meaning is delivered instantaneously in visual packets of bits and bytes, yet at the same time, it generates messages that disrupt and question this creation of meaning.

Flash Developer: Jose Raymond Rodriguez-Rosario (http://www.JRVisuals.com/)