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Call for Submissions:Science and Mathematics in Experimental New Media Art:: Audio\Visual\Installation:Presentation:Performance

  • Deadline:
    June 10, 2004, 4:34 p.m.

The Terpsichore Group is seeking submissions for our upcoming Summer Fall shows in the Abakus and Synapse event series. Please read below.



Marshall McLuhan was a seminal figure in the history of thought about the relationship of art and technology. Among the most important ideas advanced in his work concerns the crucial role of art and artists in helping society cope with the future shock of rapid technological change:

The artist picks up the message of cultural and technological challenge decades before its transforming impact occurs. He, then, builds models…for facing the change that is at hand…

To prevent undue wreckage in society, the artist tends now to move from the ivory tower to the control tower of society…the artist is indispensable in the shaping and analysis and understanding of the life of forms, and structures created by electric technology.

- Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media [1964].

McLuhan wrote these words four decades ago, when the pace of change driven by electric technologies such as television had accelerated to a then-unprecedented rate. His ideas are of even greater significance today, as society is changing more rapidly than ever before under the impact of digital and postdigital technologies, and it is increasingly difficult for anyone to get a clear sense of where these changes are leading.

The mission of the Terpsichore Group is to explore this ever-evolving interface between the technological and the organic and to contribute to the artistic understanding of how rapid technological change is affecting society.


Postdigital is a term that has recently emerged from the discourse of digital arts practice; we use it here because it points to our rapidly changing relationships with digital technologies and art forms.

The digital revolution is over.

- Nicholas Negroponte, being digital, 1998.

Writing in the late 1990s, Negroponte pointed to the shift from the early years of the digital revolution to a more mature stage in which digital tools for storing, manipulating, and transmitting have lost their revolutionary patina and become an accepted part of contemporary life. The underlying cut-and-paste methodology that serves as the basis for working with all kinds of information in a digital context has today become the norm for many of us living in technologically advanced societies, and the fast-paced complex editing style facilitated by digital software tools now permeates popular films, music, video games, and television programs.

In other words, digital media have become so ubiquitous as to be taken for granted by many of today's composers and producers. What is interesting now is not digital media in themselves but rather the new horizons of artistic possibility they open up, new artistic approaches and aesthetics suggested by the cut-and-paste techniques of digital manipulation as well as the inherent flaws and defects of the digital medium itself.


The Terpsichore Group is a Los Angeles-based multimedia collective founded by Sariah Storm, committed to the advancement of technologically-based music and art culture.

The mission of the Terpsichore Group is to create a space for inspiration, exchange, and the artistic exploration of the postdigital frontier.

Creating rich multisensory media environments incorporating live video, music and performance, the Terpsichore Group and its members have years of experience showcasing cutting-edge electronic culture at events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Beijing.

With the group’s recent series of ABAKUS events in Los Angeles, we have also begun incorporating a lecture component into our nightclub-style event format, with presentations from maverick thinkers on art and technology such as artist Paul Laffoley, defense technology researcher John Norseen, and plant vibration sculptor Duncan Laurie. Our objective here is to combine intellectual stimulation and education together with music, art, and the joy of dance.

The general format for the ABAKUS events has emerged from the electronic dance music culture, showcasing electronic music and video artists in a club setting. However we look to a wider purpose here and conceptualize our events as explorations of the new meanings being generated by postdigital artists as described above.

Performance: Installation: Music: Sound: Video:

Please submit a one page proposal presenting your piece, with accompanying DVD or CD of your sound, music or video art.
Please include a brief resume along with your name, phone number and email address.

Lecture: Demonstration

Please submit a proposal detailing your concept, experience and educational background including your name, phone number and email address.

These submissions will be considered for July, September, November shows.

Please submit to:

The Terpsichore Group
ATTN: Sariah Storm
520 Prescott St.
Pasadena, CA

For more information contact sariahstorm@terpsichoregroup.org


The Terpsichore Group is hosting a multimedia lounge called Synapse in Los Angeles at Monroe's right next to the Pacific Design Center located at 8623 Melrose at Huntly.

Monroes houses a very unique multimedia system complete with 5.1 sound, wall embedded video monitors and a large retractable projection surface.

Synapse will be an ongoing series happening every other Monday. It is a free night where people are invited to come enjoy enjoy experimental downtempo, ambient, sound and video art. Visual art is presented via DVD and live VJ. Music is presented via turntables, CD decks and Live Laptop performance.

We stay true to the concepts included in our larger Abakus events for Synapse but on a much smaller scale. This is a free event where people can come and get inspired. We encourage artists to use this night as a place to gather their friends and collegues to view their work. If you are selected, we will promote you and your work as the featured artist (s) for that night.

Please contact sariahstorm@terpsichoregroup.org if you are interested in participating in this event as a featured musicianvideo artistVJDigital Performance artist.

We invite you to join us on Monday June 14th to explore the environment and see if you are inspired to show with us. See Info Below.

Thank you,

The Terpsichore Group

Synapse ———-JUNE 14TH
+music to tickle your neurons+

a multimedia lounge.

with residents\

+++ special guests

presenting.= live.dj.vj.experiments in sight+sound

every other monday beginning June 14th. see u on :… and.. so..

June 14th

E D I T ( Planet Mu) L I V E
U N D O (Terpsichore) L I VE

with residents\

visual selections by Terpsichore

@ Monroe's
8623 Melrose at Huntly
9 - 1