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agriART: Companion Planting for Social and Biological Systems

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This edition of Media-N, “agriART: Companion Planting for Social and Biological Systems” evolves out of an exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery, George Mason University, Virginia in spring 2009. These artists and researchers investigate “agri-Art”, a field emerging out of bio-art, and a term coined for artwork that “critically engages with cultures of food production and consumption as a specific site of biopolitics” (Mark Cooley and Ryan Griffis). Presenting startling revelations about the nature of agribusiness and food production, what characterizes the artists and projects featured is the commitment to utilize a relational model - one that repositions art practice and redefines its purpose - employing the transformative power of art to effect social change.
Special thanks to Mark Cooley and Ryan Griffis for guest-editing this thought-provoking edition of Media-N.

Rachel Clarke
Editor-in-Chief, Media-N (journal of the New Media Caucus)
Vice President for Publications, New Media Caucus