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Invitation Elsewhere

  • Deadline:
    May 28, 2004, 5:15 p.m.

ELSEWHERE, art processes re-invent Art contexts.
(interpret THE SPLACE speaking TO ITSELF)

Dear eyes right at origin,
Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, a conceptual artists space in
Greensboro, NC, is seeking journeypeople to pursue artistic
creations and criticism in a contextually interpreted and designed

Participating in a residency-like program, Journeypeople
will be provided access to a 12,000 sq. ft. converted thrift store and
haunted mansion (stuck in a locational palindrome). Artists are expected to integrate the plethora of 70 years of thrift resources: toys, furniture, books, clothing, fabric, etc. or their experience at Elsewhere into the content (subject or object) of their work. Elsewhere artists explore traditional and emerging media and media fusion, representational possibilities, and community/communication models.
Elsewhere’s non-commercial space is a constantly reflexive environment where artwork becomes the medium of expression between other members of the living installation. Located in Greensboro, NC’s small town, historical district, the experience of southern America offers a backdrop to Elsewhere’s conceptual, artistic and intellectual realm, which houses a gallery, orientation center, press office, studio, kitchen, performance venue, library, closet, lounge. Artists are encouraged to redesign space and its accompaniments (objects) for a contextual artistic experiment that can be as powerful as the works created within. Elsewhere seeks writers, musicians, painters, designers, and others to make-up the living art installation piece.

Toys are people too.

Journeypeople are needed to engage projects: spatial development and construction, documentation via still and video photography, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, magazine and newspaper publishing run via the press office, archiving, research, educational programming and design, and artistic pursuits in traditional and emerging art forms. After participating in the community for a week, Journeypeople will submit proposals for independent or collaborative projects. With a project underway, you will be given free rent (some utilities are requested), inexpensive meal options with the food co-operative, access to the seemingly infinite resources, customizable space within which to work, and involvement in a community of artists all speaking to and interacting in a post-modern thematic of Americana and re-application. Journeypeople will also be involved in the larger conceptual project which includes a functioning performance venue in addition to other community interfacing programs. Gallery and performance space will also be made available to journeypeople free of cost. Work becomes property of Elsewhere’s concept and contextual environment for a negotiated period of time. Nothing of the space leaves the space (objects function like a number set), however possibility exists for works to become part of a national collaborative show.

Those interested in the residency program or in booking a performance or art show should contact
George Scheer and/or Stephanie Sherman at wanderingzoo@mac.com or 336.549.5555. We will respond
with a brief application to gauge interest and experience. Elsewhere, a 501©3 organization, is funded in part by a grant from Greensboro’s United Arts Council. For more information, check out
Signed, the understated.