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Joe McKay: Big Time

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Joe McKay: Big Time
Dec 1, 2009 - Feb 28, 2010

Early seafarers would tell time by holding up a hand toward the sun. Each finger between the sun and the horizon represented fifteen minutes until sunset. Fast-forward to the late nineteenth century and the invention of “standard” time zones in which it can be six o’clock simultaneously in Bar Harbor, Maine, and Columbus, Ohio. Joe McKay’s Big Time, an Internet artwork and free downloadable iPhone app, asks what is the next step in our evolving relationship with time. It is a social sculpture that allows us to reengage with time, a social construct so primary that it has become invisible.


Every time a new BAM/PFA NetArt exhibition opens, the previous one rotates off the current calendar into the open-source Internet art archive. This month, four works by Angelo Plessas enter the archive where you can view the source code and files behind the art and download them for study, teaching and creative re-mix. Courtesy of the artists.

Big Time was supported by Rhizome. Programming by Hawkeye Parker. Presented by the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.