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Formatting Gaia

what a priviledge it is to announce that Patrick Millard’s Formatting Gaia Art Photography will be installed and open to the public starting September 15th and running through January 15th

Patrick is progressive, not only in his intepretation of our place in the world, but also in the sharing of his vision and art with the world. he actively exhibits internationally and in Second Life. a quick look at his events schedule shows his reach in all worlds

we will provide a detailed update after completing the installation and announce the formal reception which is scheduled for the 26th. mark your calendars for this wonderful opening and come visit this provocative examination of our interaction with technology, Earth, and each other

we will be seeking passionate people to hold poetry readings, music, and expressive performances. formality is not required for these events as we love spontaneity

so check back in a few days for more details, meanwhile take a look at Patrick’s online portfolio, we think you will find his work quite moving. and if you want to explore deeper, both his view and your perspective, his well written blog helps us look at our values and what the future may hold for us, it’s rather intriguing.

-announcement from: http://blog.iliveisl.com/patrick-millard-at-the-enaxia/

Reception: Opening: September 26, 4-6pm SLT | Closing: January 13, 6 - 8pm SLT
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ener%20Strait/218/2/30