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A collaboration of National Center of Contemporary Art/ NCCA (St. Petersburg)
& Frants Gallery Space/ St. Petersburg Arts Project (New York)
CYLAND aims to promote Media Arts in Russia by organizing exhibits, festivals and events,
facilitating a Media Lab/ Residency program, and maintaining Russia's largest digital film archive /
library which is available to the worldwide public online for free. CYLAND generates international
cultural exchange and supports artistic cooperation programs of the Nordic Countries (Nordic-Baltic-
North-East European network).
CYLAND was founded by Anna Frants (director of St. Petersburg Arts Project in New York) and
Marina Koldobskaya (director of Russian National Center for Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg
Recognized for curating new media into formal and informal exhibitions, CYLAND launched CYBERFEST in
2007 with a large exposition of technology based artwork from internationally acclaimed artists. Held at Peter
And Paul Fortress in 2007,CYLAND and CYBERFEST was exhibited at The Hermitage Museum in 2008.
CYLAND Media Lab is an creative laboratory and residency program created in 2007 that aims to provide a
creative space for projects in new media.
The residence of National Center for Contemporary Art is located in the very center of Kronshtadt, in a park
next to Marine Cathedral, the city’s main point of interest. The residence is located in a short distance with old
dockyards and sailing vessels workshops, drawbridges, docks, locks and channels. The city’s unique
historical and cultural background makes it very inviting for artists who work in the area of public art,
landscape art and social researches.
The two-floor residence building includes drawing-room, studio and two bedrooms. Today, the residency
equips two to three artists with an ideal live/work space, complete with a studio, kitchen and lavatory. A
modest showroom for exhibitions, seminars, workshops and accommodations for four additional people are
CYLAND Media Lab participates in exchange programs of the Government of Nordic countries and Nordic
Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA). As well, The National Center for Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg
organizes visits of foreign and Russian artists by supporting group and individual projects. Artists from as far
as Armenia, Great Britain, Iceland, Russia, Finland, France, Swiss, Switzerland have all been in residence.
CYLAND recognizes, embraces, celebrates and archives media-art as one of the progressive trends of
contemporary art while promoting the medium as a means of developing cultural interactions between Russia
and other countries.
WWW.CYLAND.RU is a “virtual representation” of the CYLAND Media Lab. Along with exposing the work of
CYLAND's physical projects, the organization's website serves as the largest online archive of digital video in
Russia. Uploaded by artists for free, videos are viewed for free in browsers. Developed, engineered,
organized and maintained by CYLAND , the online digital video library serves as an unprecedented and
unparalleled platform for connecting artists with the public at large.