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binaryKatwalk:v.02b - Kate Pullinger

Selected artist/writer: Kate Pullinger

binaryKatwalk:v.02b is an online exhibition for experimental digital work. Each edition features artists from around the world and from different points in the spectrum of new media. Artists selected show their work alongside those who influenced them and those they see as kindred spirits coming up. This is not an ordinary exhibition, but instead a chance to show how ideas and works progress over time and how no artist is a solitary force out there.

For this edition of binaryKatwalk:v.02b Kate Pullinger talks about her project Flight Paths, 'a Networked Novel' made in collaboration with Chris Joseph. Next to her own work, she profiles projects by Caitlin Fisher, Christine Wilks and Renée Turner.

Kate Pullinger works both in print and new media. Her most recent novels include 'A Little Stranger" (2006), 'Weird Sister' (1999) and the short story collection 'My Life as a Girl in a Men’s Prison' (1997). Her new novel, The Mistress of Nothing, came out in July, 2009. Her digital fiction projects include her multiple award-winning collaboration with Chris Joseph on 'Inanimate Alice', a multimedia episodic digital fiction and 'Flight Paths'.

binaryKatwalk:v.02b is curated by Jeremy Hight, a locative media/new media artist and a writer.