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Be a Super Vegan

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Melissa Ann Lambert June 21 2009 20:54Reply

I LOVELOVELOVE this! Of course I'm a vegan :-)

Poderiu - June 21 2009 21:37Reply

Great great great Melissa!!

If you are vegan you must be a great person! Good for you, good for enviornement, good for the animals!

All best!

Melissa Lambert June 21 2009 21:44Reply

Thanks so much! You obviously must be a vegan too…

Let's correspond the regular way, ok? my email is info@MelissaAnnLambert./com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Poderiu - June 21 2009 21:57Reply

Of course I am vegan!

I have send you an e-mail with some gifts!