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'Art of Travel, Part 1. India'

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‘The Art of Travel, Part 1 - India.’

Little Creatures Brewery, Gallery Space.
Fremantle, Perth Australia.
6th July 09 - 17th August 09

Emerging digital photo artist Rebecca Lee, originally from Perth, has returned from a 2 year journey in India with an exhibition that examines the visual explorations of the tourist. It portrays a representation of the traveler’s desire to explore and search for difference in order to learn about other cultures and places.

The exhibition shows a series of large photo collages of simplistic elements from India, such as Auto Rickshaws, Doors, Windows, Signs etc. The images invite viewers, with the aid of magnifying glasses, not only to see these objects as a part of India but to explore the subtle differences in each object that have been introduced by man and represent its culture.

This exhibition aims to allow the viewer to explore culture though signs rather than place, and is influenced by the enlightenment of sight while travelling.