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The Art of the Overhead 2009 - OHPen Surface

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The Art of the Overhead 2009 * OHPen Surface *
Opening May 22 * Stapelbäddsparken, Malmö, Sweden *

International media art festival celebrating a nearly outmoded piece of projection technology: the overhead projector. A myriad of artists, musicians, professors, performers and overhead projectors workshopping, exhibiting and performing media archeologies, DIY robotics, optically generated sound, psychedelic light and much more for your pleasure as an OHPen Surface for experiments in critical media arts.

Over a two-week period, the old school overhead projector is re-activated as a powerful instrument for projecting alternative visions of our contemporary new media culture. Call it homemade media-archeology but the overhead projector already contains many of the 'DIY', 'interactive', 'real-time' and 'tangible' features so hyped in the digital media. In this year's festival, more than 60 artists challenge the overhead as a medium still meaningful today, hacking the overhead in DIY electronics and robotics workshops, appropriating it in mixed-media installations, and performing with it in live cinema-like audiovisual experiences.

Featuring: 170cm (fr) Daniel Andréason (se) Magnus Aronson (se) Katrin Bethge & für diesen abend (de) Juliana Borinski (de) Hugo Brito (po) Otto von Busch (se) Erling Björgvinsson (se) Katrin Caspar (se) Conjunction (se) Martin Conrads & Ingo Gerken (de) Sue Corke & Hagen Betzwieser (uk/de) Eva Eland (nl) Christian Faubel (de) Aron Fleming Falk (se) Jacqueline Forzelius (se) Alistair Gentry (uk) Sandra Gibson (us) Goodiepal (dk) Else Haakonsson (dk) Martin Haussmann (de) Christopher Hémain (ca) Oscar Hielm (se) Jan Holmberg (se) Derek Holzer (us) Myriam van Imschoot (be) Mako Ishizuka (jp) Stefan Johansson (se) Maria Karagianni (gr) Rainer Kiel (de) Verena Kuni (de) Cordula Körber (de) Susanne Maier (se) Kristian Nihlén (se) Ivan Monroy Lopez (mx) Loud Objects (us) Mickey Guitar & Ohpia (jp) Milk Milk Lemonade (de) Christopher Nelson & Jan Cardell (se) Klaske Oenema (nl) Jun'ichi Okuyama (jp) Jon Paludan (dk) Alexander Paulsson (se) Tobias Petterson (se) Raumzeitpiraten (de) Reassemble (uk) Ralf Schreiber (de) Wolfgang Spahn & Thomas Gerwin (de) Ola Stahl (se) Hubert Stein (de) Rune Søchting & Zeenath Hasan (dk) Tina Tonagel (de) Hiko Uemura (jp) John Wentworth (se)

Programme overview (see http://www.overheads.org for full programme):

Opening Friday May 22
18.30 Exhibition Opening
20.00-00.00 Performances
Junichi Okuyama (jp)
Kunst & Musik mit dem Tageslichtprojektor (de)
Derek Holzer (us/de)
170 cm (fr)
Reassemble (uk)

Sat. May 23 Performance Programme
Day 14 - 17.00
Rune Søchting & Zeenath Hasan (dk)
Maria Karagianni (gr)
Alistair Gentry (uk)
Eva Eland (nl)
Jan Holmberg (se)
Klaske Oenema (nl)
Milk Milk Lemonade - part 1 (de)

Night 20.00-01.00
Goodiepal (dk)
Loud Objects (us)
Katrin Bethge & für diesen abend (de)
Milk Milk Lemonade - part 2 (de)
Raumzeitpiraten (de)
Martin Haussmann (de) & Oscar Hielm (se)

Mon May 25 Seminar
10.00 - 12.00 Home Made Media Archaeology
at Stapelbäddsparken with prof dr. Verena Kuni (de)

May 30 Finissage, Psychedelic Closing Party
Ohpia with Mickey Guitar (jp) Kristian Nihlén (se) John Wentworth (se) VJ Mako Ishizuka & DJ (jp/se)
"OH-istory! A Genealogy of The Art of the Overhead" by Kristoffer Gansing & Linda Hilfling.

May 22 - 31 2009
Tuesday - Saturday 15-20, Sunday 13-17

Location: Stapelbäddsparken, Stora Varvsgatan 15, Malmö

Website: http://www.overheads.org
workshop blog with updated workshop programme: