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agriART: Companion Planting for Social and Biological Systems

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agriART: Companion Planting for Social and Biological Systems

April 21 - May 15, 2009
Fine Arts Gallery. George Mason University
Public Reception - April 21, 5:00 - 7:00

agriART brings together an array of art works that critically engage with cultures of food production and consumption. The exhibition features projects that represent where we are and what we can do to (re)create sustainable relationships with our sources of nourishment and the communities in which we live.

Participating Artists

Fritz Haeg
Beehive Design Collective
Nance Klehm
Ted Purves & Susanne Cockrell
Critical Art Ensemble & Beatriz Da Costa & Claire Pentecost
The Center for Urban Pedagogy with Amanda Matles
Deena Capparelli & Moisture
Lisa Tucker
Philip H. Howard
Amy Franceschini

Essays by:

Claire Pentecost
Ron Graziani

Curatored by:

Mark Cooley flawedart[at]gmail.com
Ryan Griffis ryan.griffis[at]gmail.com

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