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Le matrice on VisualcontainerTV

Le Matrice Collectif (FR/USA)

1st May - 4th June 2009

Curator: Visualcontainer
Only on VisualContainerTV

VisualContainerTv welcomes Le Matrice in the new monographic section “Special One”
of the channel.

Le Matrice is a French/American group working in audio video works with a special dedication to live
performances. In this show Le matrice is presenting a project about the Rhino Jazz Festival, with a
selection from the 30-hour medley performance specifically played for the celebration of the 30 years of
the festival, and AD.LIB 2 another special AudioVideo medley.

Le Matrice:
Pascal Caparros - video artist
Benoit Voarick - video artist
Julie Meitz - video artist
Emmanuel Martin - musician
Sebastien Egleme - musician
Cyril Darmedru - musician

Ni JAZZ Ni Maître:
Extract about a video -performance
of 30h for the Rhino Jazz Festival
October 2008 (France)

Selected videos:
4T - Pascal (video) + Sebastien (sound)
Hot Jazz - Julie (video & sound)
Candy Dream - Julie (video) + Cyril (sound)
VHSound A - Pascal (video)
VHSound B - Pascal (video)
Kass tete d'affiches - Benoit (video) + Emmanuel (sound)

Ad. Lib.2 - Le Matrice
This video doesn’t actually have a narrative array, as it mostly deals with an abstract pattern of moments,
glances and sensations.
Visual situations have been seized/stolen and definitely transformed thanks to video mixering and
participation from several musicians.
Such videowork is not subject to any chronological issue and is intended for a videoinstallation with ten
monitors and ten sound videos being played in random loop.
In virtue of its specifications and intentions, this videowork can be better compared with design artworks
than with any film or documentary production.
It is important to remark that it is not a finished « object », rather it proposes itself as a vision which is
going to progress in time according to casual encounters and occasions.
Pascal Caparros - Le Matrice

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