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Furthertxt wants your txt!

  • Deadline:
    March 3, 2004, 1:46 p.m.

Furthertxt is looking for contributors for future issues!!!

Please take a look at the January/February Issue of Furthertxt

which featured:

Caroline Koebel serving up a doggie dinner
Christian Nold serving notice to those who wont listen
Nick Lambert serving a sample of early computer art history
and Barley serving a reminder that the changes we wait for might have even
weightier implications………

Writers Featured:

Caroline Koebel endeavours through a range of activities to complicate
commodity culture and hopefully shrug off its chilling effects. 'Dead Dogs,
Live Presidents, Interferences' reacts to various communication and
information bodies as if together they form a mass congestion that asks to
be first observed, then reordered, and finally re-released so that each of
the initial bodies can flow simultaneously alongside of and away from the

Christian Nold is an artist, activist and designer of tools for social
change. Having published a book for Book Works about technologies of
political control, he is now studying at the Royal College of Art. His work
is focused on developing new tangible and conceptual tools that allow groups
to create their own representations.

Dr Nick Lambert works at the CACHe Project, Birkbeck College, studying the
origins of British Computer Art. This article looks at Computer Art's status
as an artform, its origins and some unexplored facets of its history.

Barley is a writer and generally overdramatic-type. This poem was written
when the writer went though a period of life change and was then given a new
watch as a reward for academic achievement…and suddenly the world seemed a
very different place when measured with this new time.

Please also peruse our back issues which feature written work by:
Patrick Lichty, The Critical Art Ensemble, Saul Albert, Marc Garrett, Lewis
La Cook, Ryan Griffis, Millie Niss, Peter Yeoh, Gayle Wald, Bruce Eves…and

If you would like to contribute to furthertxt, contact me now!!!! :-)

Charlotte Frost - Furthertxt editor.


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