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    Feb. 27, 2004, 3:16 p.m.

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> From: The Sarai Programme
> Date: February 26, 2004 9:28:53 AM EST
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> Subject: [Sarai Newsletter] Positions Available
> Reply-To: dak@sarai.net
> The Sarai programme of the CSDS is looking for researchers for its
> media-city project called Public and Practices in the History of the
> Present (PPHP). PPHP is an interdisciplinary engagement with the
> circulation of old and new media forms (film, cable TV, music, print)
> in cities. It looks at networks and their sites: media markets, film
> halls and multiplexes, as well as changing forms of distribution and
> exhibition. It takes the form of sustained field and archival research
> on media history and media publics in India. An important part of the
> work includes research on intellectual property law in the media, its
> practice in courts, enforcement agencies and law firms.
> The core of our work is in Delhi. All applicants must be resident in
> Delhi during the research period. Selected applicants will work in
> collaboration with a team of existing PPHP researchers.
> We are looking for researchers in three areas: -
> Cinema: field research and documentation on networks of production,
> distribution and exhibition in Indian cinema, with a particular focus
> on Delhi's film trade. We seek applications displaying an interest and
> familiarity with pertinent academic work in anthropology, film and
> cultural history.
> Media Property Regimes: Field based research looking at enforcement
> agencies (law firms, advocacy, police, investigators) involved with
> intellectual property and its discourse.
> Information Politics: Field and secondary research into practices of
> identification (I.D cards, biometrics), privacy issues, private
> security agencies, and lobby groups in industry.
> We expect applicants to have field research experience, and be
> bi-lingual in Hindi and English. For the legal research post, a
> critical engagement with intellectual property discourses will be
> appreciated. These are not permanent positions.
> Please send an application that includes a one-page statement, and a
> CV by email to research@sarai.net by April 10th 2004. Send either
> plain text or rtf files only.
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