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sonicSENSE www.sonicsense.net
Barney Haynes and Jennifer Parker
March 20 - April 3
opening: Thu., March 19

sonicSENSE is a collaborative ongoing project of two media artists and teachers from California. It is constructed as an interdisciplinary human-machine interface, reacting on local conditions and environment.The platform evolved from a series of conversations and ideas between electronic artist Barney Haynes and sculptor Jennifer Parker. sonicSENSE is a meeting place for art, culture, new technologies, digital media and participation. sonicSENSE uses the creative diversity of computational media and traditional visual art practices to cultivate space for sharing, questioning, and exploring interdisciplinary frameworks, methodologies and experiences in both physical and virtual space.

One of their intentions is to support, contextualize, and advance the use and understanding of digital tools and methods for research and teaching in the arts and humanities. The other intention is to create a rich variety of projects for the sonicSENSE platform that develop electronic databases, publications, software tools, services and communication systems in the arts through the open-source paradigm.