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> Convergence - new audiovisual experiences online and offline.
> Convergence the soundtoys exhibition is being shown at the ICA in London in
> the new media centre from june 5 th to 13th july.
> info@soundtoys.net
> www.soundtoys.net
> MORE info below.
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> Press release.
> About the exhibition which runs to july 13 2002.
> www.soundtoys.net
> The exhibition showcases artists who use new musical interfaces and explore
> new media for creative purposes. The exhibition reflects the current
> fascination with creatives from all disciplines focusing on new media and
> software for audio visual expression. Many artists are developing their own
> programs, pushing beyond the boundaries of the standard new media
> technologies, and standard interfaces. Featured work includes Leafcutter
> John, and Pelado, both writing their own applications in max and msp, used
> for manipulating sound. Soundtoys also features Julian Baker and Ixi, both
> exploring director software to make highly inventive stand-alone
> applications and music tools. Another common area of exploration is with
> sound controlled interfaces using the Antione Schmitt's FFT extra, for
> example artists like Toxi, Area 3 and Atty's Multi-amaze. Meanwhile the
> likes of Schmit and Bakteria are building autonomous generative machines.
> Also installed on one of the machines is Golin Levin's l interactive Flong
> piece, written in Java and only available as a stand alone. And working in
> the same sphere we have artists like Peter Luining, Rechord and Stanza, all
> with a fascination for interactive 'painting'. Stanza is also exhibiting his
> new subvergence work, and the project 'inner city'. Other premieres include
> Iriealist's new audio visual work and Squidsoup's Alt Zero 4. And it
> wouldn't be fair to leave out some of the audio visual artists who are
> currently working with 3-D worlds like Christina Mc Phee. Soundtoys would
> also like to acknowledge online contributions by Andy Wilson, Jim Andrews
> and Jay Malaiperuman and the other hundred artists exhibiting who have
> allowed for this project to develop.
> About Convergence.
> The merging of the audio and the visual is increasingly becoming a central
> issue in the development of interactive media. Web artists are fusing the
> arts, incorporating a wide range of approaches to the medium of the Internet
> and audio visual practice. Artists are producing new audio visual
> experiences, and this includes art, games, generative music and interactive
> environments. Advances in computer and online technologies have provided a
> whole new way of artistic expression and experience which incorporates
> opportunities for non-linear experience and interactivity as well as this
> convergence. Artists are attracted to a sense of connection and convergence
> which is one of several qualities inherent to the Internet as a medium for
> creative expression; sound,visual effect, time, movement and interaction all
> provide new parameters for the development of contemporary art. Artists have
> always been influenced by technology. The convergence of hardware and
> software has enabled many types of creatives to meet or converge. We are now
> seeing the emergence of a new art form. As this newness unfolds a history
> will unfold with it. At the moment there is a blurring of the boundaries as
> many approaches are adopted, and this is confused further because of the
> constantly changing and developing nature of technologies which also allows
> for the artwork themselves to change. We are starting to see a much bigger
> emphasis on works that generate and evolve. Formal relationship to art will
> change as the artists relationship to the process changes. Online, we have
> net.art - artists that are specifically addressing the uses and abuses of
> the Internet as a medium for creative expression. Within this context
> artists are exploring many technologies including shockwave, flash, vrml and
> java. And offline we see more application driven interface experiments using
> technologies such as max, super collider, and exploiting multi user systems,
> generative audio, and graphics displays. This exhibition addresses the
> blurring of these boundaries and presents artists working at the edge of
> software development and arts practise and the new musical interface. The
> exhibition offers insights into the diverse and creative nature of the web
> which is available to today's artists. These works could been seen as a new
> art form, or as a contribution to the new music and electronica.
> About Soundtoys
> Soundtoys.net, provides spaces for artists at the fore of the audiovisual
> field, giving focus to their developing art forms. The aim to help link up
> other artists, and to showcase artwork and artists working in new media.
> Future plans for soundtoys include cd roms, a book, specially commissioned
> works, themed shows and presenting exhibitions in festivals and galleries
> worldwide. Soundtoys.net is exhibiting exciting new works by a growing
> community of audio visual artists. Soundtoys.net also provide a forum for
> discourse around new technologies. The site looks at the serious issues
> around interactive arts, audio visual synthesis, generative art, and a
> history of interactivity. Increasingly a divergent group of artists are
> exploring, researching and playing within the parameters of soundtoys.
> Designers, fine artists, and musicians are all expanding their own work
> within the online audio visual domain. The diversity of the internet is
> reflected in soundtoys site, and the fact that artists are exploring so many
> technologies means many technologies are explored including shockwave,
> flash, vrml, java. Increasing numbers of artists are exploring, researching
> and playing within the parameters of the medium: Designers, painters, film
> makers, installation artists, writers, photographers, printmakers,
> musicians, each bringing to the online audio visual domain their own intent,
> their skill set, their history. So many threads are interweaving here to
> make this rich ever-evolving tapestry. The soundtoys site also features a
> journal section which provides a forum for debate around the creative use of
> new technologies on the internet, past, present and future.
> Soundtoys.net features contributions from these artists…..
> area3 . ian andrews . jim andrews . amy alexandra . rain ashford . bakteria.
> detlef bursiek. andrew bucksbarg . julian baker. boredom research .beth
> carey . gregoire clique. steven clark. jonah brucker cohen. corby and baily
> . trip dixon . carla diana . eric deis . duodecimo . flx. martin franklin .
> andy forbes . ana galkina. michiel van der haagen . andy huntington .
> leafcutter john . brian judy . andy greenwood. ixi . iriealists . mickel
> knaven. john klima. shirin kouladjie . simon lalli . labau . golin levin .
> christina mcphee . hidekazu minami . jey malaiperuman. wade marynowsky.
> richard mullarky . jason nelson . glorious ninth . photon. emilie pitoiset .
> alan peacock .. tina la porta . pelado. perestroika. peter luining .
> benjamin louis . rikard lundstedt . rechord. adam rogers. semiconductor.
> sascha. jonathan snyder . antoine schmitt . greg sidel . barry smylie .
> yoshi sodeoka . soda . squidsoup . stanza . submeta . michael szpakowski.
> brad todd. toxi . tomoo. peter traub . michael trommer . paul webb . ade
> ward. andy wilson. john woodward . jeff wookey . chris yewell .
> A showcase of artists who use new musical interfaces and explore the
> audiovisual.
> More info online at
> www.soundtoys.net
> info@soundtoys.net
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> A website for new experiments in audio visual art, sound and interactive
> multimedia.
> web and info… …. http://www.soundtoys.net
> email ………. ….. info@soundtoys.net
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