iPhone Insider Workshop

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iPhone Insider Workshop
Development for the iPhone
James Eberhardt (CA)
26, 27, 28 February 09, Lisbon, Portugal

The mobile phone has reached a level of adoption that far exceeds that of the personal computer. As a result, it is an emerging platform for applications that have the potential to change the way we live and communicate. The iPhone, since its launch, last July has had an incredible adoption curve and is reshaping people’s relationship with their mobile phones and forcing competitors to define themselves against the iPhone. So what is it all about?

This workshop aims to get inside the iPhone and understand its advantages (and disadvantages) and how to create software for it.

The focus of this workshop will be split between theory and practical. Attendees will be divided into groups to work on small tutorials to create applications for their iPhone.

Who this workshop is for:
Designers, developers and anybody else who would like to explore using the iPhone in their creative projects. No programming experience is required, but it would be an asset.

About James Eberhardt
James is co-founder of Echo Mobile and a Technical Director with over 13 years of experience of leading convergent media projects, and works with production companies to deliver content and stories to audiences through any available screen - particularly the ubiquitous screens of mobile devices. In 2009 James will be conducting workshops on iPhone development in Toronto, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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