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  • Deadline:
    Sept. 15, 2014, noon
  • Location:
    Freeman Space, 155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11222, US

Submit your idea for an exhibition and if selected, an exhibition professional (or team) will work with you on the planning, design, and production of an exhibition, which will take place at Freeman Space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You will be guided through the planning and production specific to exhibitions: content strategy, exhibition copywriting, spatial design, visual design, and production of elements for the exhibition. This is a close, hands-on relationship with a willingness to be challenged and to challenge one another between the resident, the design team and the space. The culmination of the process is the exhibition, transforming a raw space to a storytelling experience.

The mission of Freeman Space is to foster big engagement in a small space through unique topics under the umbrellas of art, culture and social science. The goal of all exhibitions is to make transparent the creative process of developing your work prior to the exhibition (whether art, products, or research) and to make complex, emotional, and even controversial ideas accessible to the general public. How is this achieved? By beginning with goals for the project and defining a target audience, then planning and designing an exhibition to be in dialogue with that audience. Every decision is in conference with the future audience’s needs. The resident is therefore empowered to create a narrative for his/her work and to consciously allow for interpretation. This leaves room for the audience’s presence to complete the exhibition. The process of creating the exhibition will put your work in dialogue with the exhibition form, instead of just the default punctuation of “Now it’s time to have a show.”

Sample one-month residency timeline

A photographer shows a completed photojournalism series with overarching narrative about a place.

Week 1, design and publicity begins
Week 2, production
Week 3, exhibition opens and evaluation of residency
Week 4, exhibition closes after one week
Fee based on project scope: $300

Sample two-month residency timeline

An environmental advocacy group shows a body of research about a local area with extensive pollution, how it impacts the surrounding area, and how it can be remediated (removed) over a decade, with committed community support. Compiles extensive research and include large video projections of research footage.

Week 1 + 2, planning
Week 3, design and publicity begins
Week 4 + 5, production
Week 6, exhibition opens and evaluation of residency
Week 7, exhibition closes after two weeks
Fee based on project scope: $800

Freeman Space will take responsibility for the following:
Direction of exhibition install and production. Resident will contribute to exhibition install. Maintenance of exhibition during open hours.

Facilities: Freeman Space is a co-working space, open to residents during their residency. Housing and studio space is not available. Basic tools and access to printing available.

Selection: A selection committee of diverse backgrounds will review all applications. After the first round of reviews, applicants selected by the committee will be contacted for a phone conversation about their proposal to discuss timeline, fee, feasibility, and ideas. Following phone interviews, final proposals will be notified. All applicants will be notified by email starting Oct 1, 2014. Individuals of all professional levels are encouraged to apply. Experience with exhibitions not required.

To apply, please submit an application by September 15, 2014 (midnight).

1. Application link: http://bit.ly/1rwkL2b
2. Submit your curriculumvitae to freemanspacebk@gmail.com with your name in the subject.

Learn about previous exhibitors-in-residence and their projects:

1. Interviews during the residency, https://vimeo.com/brunodesign
2. Michael Dudeck’s thoughts post-residency, https://vimeo.com/103659194
3. Exhibition documentation, http://www.bruno-design-studio-atelier-collective.com/site/index/?tag=exhibitions

Learn about Freeman Space: www.freemanspace.tumblr.com

Questions? Please email: freemanspacebk@gmail.com