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HOWTO CC Translation Project

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A few days ago I posted 10 things I learned in the process of successfully negotiating a CC license with a book publisher (http://www.mandiberg.com/2009/01/12/howto-negotiate-a-creative-commons-license-ten-steps) This contract was for xtine burrough and my co-authored Digital Foundations (http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Foundations-Intro-Design-Creative/dp/0321555988), which takes the Bauhaus exercises and translates them into software based exercises. Yesterday Bob Chao posted it on CNET Taiwan fully translated. And then Po-chiang Chao put it up on the Taiwanese CC site http://creativecommons.org.tw/blog/archives/000081.html.

This got me really excited about a HOWTO CC Translation Project. I have contacted CC's Fred Benenson who is excited about it too. So, here's the procedure:

1 Read the original post http://www.mandiberg.com/2009/01/12/howto-negotiate-a-creative-commons-license-ten-steps/

2 Translate that post into one of the many many CC jurisdictional languages http://creativecommons.org/international

3 Post that translation to your blog, and email me the URL (michael - mandiberg - com); if you don't have a blog, you can email it to me

4 I will forward those links to Fred at CC, who will make sure they get to the person in charge of that language

5 I will post links to translations on my blog as they come in

6 We will make it easier to negotiate for Free Culture!