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Performances Night / GAMERZ 04

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Performances Night / Festival multimédia GAMERZ 04:
In Aix-en-Provence (FR.),
February 6 th 2009,
from 9 p.m. until 12 p.m.

I.M.M.E.D.I.A.T.E. -Immersive Media Dance Integrating in Telematic Environments-
I.M.M.E.D.I.A.T.E. creation is an international co-production performance in the field of technological art with a strong emphasis on "future prototyping and fabrication of life". It brings together practitioners from areas of visual arts, performing arts, sound art, dance, robotics, computer science, biology, biotechnology, genetics, artificial life, artificial intelligence, and philosophy in order to realize a performance to be presented and toured in several European countries.

artistic director : Pavel Smetana (Cz) // original electronic music : Luka Princic (Slo) // dancer & musical performer : Jurij Konjar (Slo) // motion capture & 3D : Michal Masa (Cz) // production & light design : Stephane Kyles (Fr/USA) // video creation : Romain Senatore (Fr) // Quentin Destieu (Fr) // technical production: Jan Sebek (Cz)

Confipop -4 bits Gameboy live-
Confipop is a chipmusic Marseille based artist who makes music with a Gameboy and some modified sound toys. Native from the techno free party, he has been making music under different pseudonyme since 1996. As the best dancefloor’s friend, Confipop makes a happy and groovy dancing music, which goes from reggaeblip to technoblop, with the specific 4 bits sound of the gameboy: a modern music with old forgotten gamesound, very appropriated to have fun. Building his own toys/instruments, Confipop is an adept and a teacher of “circuitbending”, which consists in modifying toys in order to make music rather than buying expensive instruments. Confipop is running the Marseille Micro_HQ with chipmusician Dubmood, organising workshops, seminars and concerts dedicated to chip music with the French organisations La Cyber Nostra and Freesson, booking artists and broadcasting regular radio-shows on radio Galere.

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