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Austin Museum of Digital Art

Austin Museum of Digital Art
AMODA Digital Showcase: Tuesday, August 20 @ texture
More info: www.amoda.org/showcase

- Polyot
- Alpha Conspiracy
- Tomas Jirku (Force Inc, Intr_version, Klang Elektronik - Toronto)
- About This Product (Pthalo - Houston)

- Solargarlic
- Bob Krawczyk
- Kinocity Collective
- artafterscience
- Sunset-projects

*** 8/20/02 at Texture (505 Neches)
*** 9pm - 1am
*** 18 and up
*** Free with membership
*** $5 general admission



Polyot is a project of Stephen Orsak, of Liquid Stereo Project, with accompaniment by some of his friends.

Alpha Conspiracy

Andrew Sega is a 27-year old possessed by the call of expressing emotion though various combinations of sine waves and noise. Stretching beyond the two-dimensional sequencing of rhythm and timbre, he brings extra dimensions
including harmony, and modulation, to the mix. While known through the demo scene for his soundtrack work on the project "necros", he recently gained more exposure as the newest addition to Texas' star synthpop group, Iris.

URL: http://www.alphaconspiracy.com/

Tomas Jirku (Force Inc, Intr_version, Klang Elektronik - Toronto)

A crowd pleaser with every live performance, Jirku is sure to treat the audience with his latest developments on the leading edge of the minimal techno movement, mixed with his own brand of techno nostalgia. Despite the visual limits with entertaining an audience with a laptop, Jirku manages to hold the crowd's attention with his upbeat mixes. He's even been known to throw in his own one-off remixes of dance music classics most of us are embarrassed to recognize. By the end of his live sets, the audience has been treated to mix of intricate experimentation and booty shaking funk, and is grinning ear to ear.

URL: http://www.yirku.com/tomas/

About This Product (Pthalo - Houston)

We first caught a glimpse of this energetic Houston duo at the end of the January showcase. They described themselves as "like oval, but more punk." Come hear for yourself!



Presenting: An Aleatoric Method / Slideshow

The aleatoric method is a graphic creation method based on corrupted data and the reactions it produces. The process involves corrupting an existing file and capturing the reactions it produces in various environments. The captured reactions are separated into elements, which are then rearranged and combined to create the graphic piece.

Solargarlic is Dave Ferrick. Like most kids, Dave enjoys taking things apart and trying to put them back together. His only problem, however, is that he refuses to put them back together as they once were. It's this stubborn curiosity that has driven him to search for new ways to experiment with digital art. He currently resides in northeast Massachusetts and spends his day as Webmaster for Ipswitch, Inc., a Massachusetts-based Internet software

URL: http://method.solargarlic.com/

Bob Krawczyk

Presenting: Curving Spirolaterals / Prints + Animation

Algorithmic generators and transformations are used to develop a series of images that explore the unexpected from the very simple. These images, that at one time elicit fragments of a far off future, at the same time remind me
of past ritual icons and symbols. The starting linear and resulting circular forms remind me of the past while the lack of color

Robert J. Krawczyk is on the faculty of the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology focusing on digital craftsmanship. His digital designs and computer-generated artwork have been published internationally. Twenty pieces of the Curved Spirolateral Series were displayed at the SIGGRAPH 2001 N-Space Art Gallery and are currently in 2001 Traveling Art Show till 2003. Currently his work is at the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA, and Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts, Youngstown, OH.

URL: http://www.iit.edu/~krawczyk

Kinocity Collective

The Kinocity Collective is an ever-changing group of folks who have fun projecting images onto U-Hauls, rocks, water, dogs, and occaisionally sheets in clubs. Kinocity member Nate Malmgren will be video mixing for this showcase.


Presenting: Syntax / Animation

Syntax is a random animation focusing on photography and how the juxtaposition and transformation of images affect their meaning.

artafterscience was formed by artist Zev Robinson and computer programmer Adrian Marshall in 2001 to explore ways in which science, maths, and technology could fuse with images to create art. The result has been slow-moving animations with elements of randomness (colour, movement,
combination of objects) that, in effect, go on forever without repeating themselves and the viewer will never know what will come next, and won't see it the image in the same way again…

URL: http://www.artafterscience.com/


Presenting: Tranquility / 3Danimation

Sunset is a group of designers, animators, postproduction-artists and musicians working together creating audiovisuals for clubs, larger events and conferences.

URL: http://www.solidstudios.com/


AMODA is an institution that promotes access to and appreciation of digital art. We define digital art as art that incorporates digital technology in the product, process, or subject. The Digital Showcase is a monthly event featuring live performance of electronic music, ranging from abstract beats to ambient drones, along with various forms of visual art, including video and site-specific works.


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