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Expanding the Frontiers of Utopia..From the Digital Renaissance…to Space

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The MAV: Virtual Archeological Museum of Herculaneum
Naples, November 2008
The MAV, the Virtual Archeological Museum of Herculaneum presents: “Expanding the Frontiers of Utopia
…From the Digital Renaissance…to Space on Earth Project.
Franz Fischnaller Retrospective: 19 December, 2008 - 19 February, 2009
A primary goal of the retrospective is to make art, culture, design, architecture, technology, nature, ecology and
the human world education timely, engaging, interactive, and pertinent to all ages, through new forms of
entertainment associating the power of creativity and with the innovative use of advance technology and
interactive media.
The retrospective features: virtual storytelling, networked digital narrative, online virtual environments,
interactive installations, entertainment technology, simulations, reflective avatars, creative interfaces,
networking interface display, robotics, augmented urban environment, tech-utopia outer-space destination,
iconic design, and intelligent architecture.
Expanding the Frontiers of Utopia is articulated into four sections:
A) Imaging the Unimaginable; B) Myths and virtual storytelling; C) Enhancing networked digital narrative; as an
art form; D) Increasing the virtual realm; E) Avatars: Augmenting the human intellect.
Works on exhibition: Multi Mega Book in the Cave” The shift from the printed+book, to the electronic
text+digital skin”, interactive virtual-reality Mega Book; The Last Supper Interactive: interactive virtual journey
inside Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece; Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa: Interactive augmented digital hybrid
diva; Kali, The Goddess of the Millennium: Multileveled augmented virtual-reality interactive installation
Pinocchio Interactive: Augmented virtual reality robotics interactive installation; CITYCLUSTER "From the
Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age": Virtual Reality matrix & high speed networking project; Meta Net
Page: Virtual collaborative networking and interactive interfacing tool; Avatars: Gigabits Networking-Age and
Renaissance-Age reflective avatars; SOE: The Space on Earth Project &Quantum City SOE: Outer-Space
Tech-Utopia joining: urbanism, architecture, high-tech design, technology, new conception of human habitat,
entertainment technology and new generation’s connectivity and adaptability; SpaceGateHotel Project: Hightech
networked and augmented reality multi-purpose hotel and an interactive recreational and learning center in
which guests are able to experience the sense of living in outer space first-hand while being on Earth.
The show has been conceived as a first person experience and a suggestive cultural journey. Visitors can
enjoy, explore, discover, and be inspired, as well as participate in real-time with thrilling interactive worlds,
navigate and interact within stereoscopic immersive environments and virtual art works.
Valter Ferrara, the Director of the MAV, the first house of the digital Italian culture, states: “This retrospective is
museum in the museum, a temporary museum of Fischnaller’ works”. Satisfaction also in the words of the
Mayor of Herculaneum and president of the Foundation CIVES, Nino Daniele: “The MAV is enriched of a
precious work with great cultural interest, an excellent example of integration between archeology and digital
Fischnaller is a multifaceted media scholar, artist, designer and producer, operating in the fields of art, design,
architecture, technology, science, and information technology. He was Director of "Virtuality and Interactivity",
MediArtech’s International Exhibit of Virtual Art and Applied Research (Digital Renaissance), promoted by the
Region of Tuscany and Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy. Fischnaller is the Winner of Multimedia Grand Prix '97,
for the Foreign Title Award, Japan; recipient of two Prix Ars Electronica Prizes Awards. He have exhibited
worldwide and for the first time he present his work at Herculaneum. MAV host the first digital retrospective of
Fischnaller, addressing the results of the intersection of disciplines such as: Art, Design, Architecture, Science
and Technology.The catalogue published by Electa, Mondadori, will be in sale in the MAV.
The MAV, inaugurated July 9 2008, is the first Italian digital, interactive, tactile and visual museum. As an
ingenious model for edu-entertainment center, suitable for the new generation’s needs, MAV is destined to
become a milestone model in the marketplace that will bring an innovative pulse to Italian cultural tourism and
edu-leisure destinations. MAV is located a few meters from the Herculaneum Archeological Excavations. It is
included in the circuit Artecard Campania (www.artecard.it).Open from the Tuesday to the Sunday from 9 to 17.
Facilities for disabled people. MAV Via IV Novembre 44, 80056 Ercolano, Napoli,Italia | Tel.+3908119806511
|Fax.+39 08119806599| info@museomav.com| www.museomav.com| Press office M.A.V. Gino Di Mare | +39 -
339/8054110 | press@museomav.com | Claudia Clemente |+39 333/7593458 .
Franz Fischnaller: www.fabricat.com/FF_home.htm |F.A.B.RI.CATORS:www.fabricat.com/ |media@fabricat.com | Electa, Mondadori: www.electaweb.