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  • Deadline:
    May 5, 2014, midnight
  • Location:
    RAVEN'S CROSSING, MARIN COUNTY, , California, 94924, US

The Golden Dome is an experimental, nomadic school dedicated to investigating intentional living and art making as it relates to cultivating ideas for sustaining and optimizing life on Earth. Each school session varies in theme while consistently centering around the study of the spiritual dimensions within the natural sciences and the expansion of these insights into physical art practice.

Our first program, "Performing the Fool's Planetary Rites", will take place at the end of July 2014 at a sustainable land art project in West Marin, CA. The program is dedicated to the study of the Tarot and it's relationship to performance. We will be enacting an initiation toward higher consciousness by performing the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana.

The 'School For Performing the Fool's Planetary Rites' takes place on a sustainable land art project that consists of a long house, a cabin, a stage, an outdoor shower, and a compostable toilet. Our two-week session there consists of workshops, collaborative art exercises, visits to performance and meditation centers, hikes, and lectures offered by visiting artists, curators, witches, and tarot practitioners. The session will culminate in a group performance at the "First Friday" art event in Oakland, CA on August 1st.