Caterina Davinio at Mas Gallery, Odzaci

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Exhibition: Caterina Davinio. Digital Art & Video. Solo Exhibition
Gallery: MAS Gallery - Multimedial Art Studio Odzaci - Serbia
Artist: Caterina Davinio
Curator: Nenad Bogdanovich
When: November 14 to November 27, 2008
Opening: MAS Gallery, November 14 - 7:00 PM

Caterina Davinio's digital art and video presented by Nenad
Bogdanovich at MAS Gallery, in Odzaci, Serbia, a space dedicated since 1996
to performance and multimedia art. Caterina Davinio, pioneer of Italian
digital art and computer poetry in 1990, and also author of poetry, novels,
essays, is active in numerous fields of experimental art. Her work
has been exhibited several times in the Venice Biennale since 1997, where
she created participative events collaborating also as curator. In 1998 she
was the creator of Italian "Net-poetry", a development of net-art related to
multi-located experimental poetry events, on line and in real spaces
(, Global Poetry, GATES, others). Other exhibitions: Biennale of
Sidney (Online Venue 2008), Athens Biennial (2007), Liverpool Biennial
(Independent spaces 2006 and 2008), Biennales de Lion (1999 and Intern. Kiosk
2007), Biennale de Paris (2004).

Address: MAS Gallery - Multimedial Art Studio - S. Markovica 41 - 25250
Odzaci - Serbia

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