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Caterina Davinio in Buenos Aires

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Caterina Davinio in Buenos Aires November 18 - 22
Where/When: Biblioteca Nacional - miércoles 18/11 - 18hs. (Agüero 2502)
Centro Cultural Borges - 19 al 22/11 - 18hs. (Viamonte y San Martín)
The III Videobardo Festival, organized by Javier Robledo and Collettivo Videobardo, which - since 1996 - curates the homonym international archives of video poetry, presents at the Biblioteca Nacional of Buenos Aires and Centro Cultural Borges recent works of the Italian media artist Caterina Davinio .
Davinio’s Works
Knives , video, 1’28”, 2007
Nature Obscure , video, 1’45, 2007
“Nature\_Obscure" and “Knives” are part of a series which includes video, digital images, photography, about the topics peace and nature, realized in 2007. The digital works by Davinio do not focalize on the aesthetics of the electronic image, but on its “matter”, making visible its texture done of pixels, in a perspective that embraces some practices of the historical avant-gardes, such as Futurism and Lettrism, Dadaism, Concrete poetry. In Knives , short video about peace, on the contemplative view of a meadow echoes of present and maybe future wars reach us in the form of voices from radio stations. In Nature\_Obscure , starting from photos realized by the artist in Brazil , Nice and Italy , Nature is evoked as enigma giving us an ultimatum, a revelation of its unknown deepness, made visible with some unexpected text and graphic elements. (…)
Media artist and writer, Caterina Davinio is active in numerous fields of experimental art. Pioneer of Italian digital art and computer poetry in 1990, she presented her work in many countries in more than 150 exhibitions, several times in the Venice Biennale, where she exhibited digital works and net-poetry in various participative projects since 1997, collaborating also as curator. Other exhibitions: Biennale of Sidney ( Online Venue 2008), Liverpool Biennial (on line venues 2006 and 2008), Athens Biennial (2007), Biennales de Lion (1999 and Intern. Kiosk 2007), Biennale de Paris (2004). (…) For extensive information see: http://xoomer.alice.it/cprezi/caterinadav.html
Info Videobardo:
Dove: Malba - Biblioteca Nacional - Centro Cultural Borges - Centro Cultural España
Barraca Vorticista - Rivera de Quilmes
Quando: dal 18 al 22 novembre
Curatori, Javier Robledo, Collettivo Videobardo
Patrocini: Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Caixa Forum Barcelona, Perseo Cambio y Turismo, Municipalidad de Quilmes, Denise Salvador / prensa & acciones para la cultura.
Collaborano: Asociación de Poetas Argentinos, Zona de Arte, Habitual video team, Universidad Del Salvador, Embajada de Canada