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open call for works of sound poetry / lautpoesie / poesie sonore / etc.

  • Deadline:
    June 23, 2002, 1 a.m.

_open call for works of
sound poetry / lautpoesie / poesie sonore / poesia sonora / lautdichtung / akustische poesie / language related soundart / sample poetry / lettrism / polipoesia / text-sound-composition and other related genres
for the publication in sprechen01 the first issue of a new magazine for soundpoetry/lautpoesie on cd

we are looking for new forms and innovative works in the mentioned fields. we encourage the use of new technology as well as outstanding performance techniques for the generation of language oriented sound art. we are searching for unheard and unusual works. we are looking for the experimental, the powerful, the bizarre, the spontaneous, the composed, the bloody, the raw, the theoretical, the sweet, the silent, the vocal, the bodily, the eerie, the rhythmic, the melodic, the strong and the weak poetry. send us your babbling and squeaking, your voices and sampler sounds.

sprechen01 will be the first issue of a magazine for sound poetry and lautpoesie. we plan at least one issue every year and occasionally special issues about single artists, groups or certain topics.
it will be released on cd or cd-r and distributed world wide.
sprechen is a label, platform and network for new sound poetry and language related sound art. sprechen is a sublabel of iftaf.rec the record label of the institute for transacoustic research.

please send pieces no longer than 5 minutes.
we accept sound on one of the following media:
best formats for demo submissions are in this order: CD-R (audio & mp3), CD-RW (audio & mp3), minidisc, cassette, and record. we do not accept dat-tapes.
do NOT send mp3s per email!
you can however upload mp3s to your webspace (or free providers like mp3.com) and mail us the address. we will download it then.

august 20th, 2002
planned release date
december, 2002

_send your material to
c/o joerg piringer
favoritenstrasse 17/14
a-1040 wien

_contact & info & pdf-form

please forward this open call to interested persons, groups or mailinglists