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Surveiller Punir / Discipline and Punish

Pascal Lièvre and Matthieu Delahausse, at two different places in Paris, will read the same extract of " Discipline and Punish " by Michel Foucault, each of them being equipped with an SM accessory which will make the exercise of the reading difficult.
Web performance Monday October 20, 20h30 Paris time.

Pascal Lièvre is a French artist born 1963 in Lisieux (France). He started his career as a painter, but from 2001 uses all kind of media in order to "mediumise the world around us in all its diversity". He uses indeed all kind off sources from philosophy, painting to popular music, cinema and politics, from Lacan to Britney Speers, Mao, aerobics and Munch. He mixes, remakes and transforms. His works are hybridisations of erudite and popular culture that transpire the desire to infect the one with the other.

Some information in English :

Videos : search Pascal Lièvre http://www.youtube.com/

Pascal Lièvre is represented by the galleries Quang in Paris (France), Flatland in Utrecht (Holland) and Artstatement (Hong Kong)
Last personal show Spring 2008 "Superstition(s)", gallery Quang (Paris) Article " Spinoza en short, Heidegger en slip " Annick Rivoire, Poptronics (French) http://www.poptronics.fr/Spinoza-en-short-Heidegger-en-slip
Next personal show "Hallucination", gallery Flatland (Utrecht, Holland) (4 - 27 November 2008)

More information with images: http://2008.panoplie.org/files/doublebind/PC_DB_PL_eng.pdf

Access to the performances is open to all. You only have to connect to http://2008.panoplie.org/DoubleBind on Monday the 20th at 8.30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time). Please follow this url http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_FR.aspx?y=2008&mo=10&d=20&h=20&mn=30 to find your local hour.
However, you will have to subscribe to panoplie to obtain a password in order to participate in the chat. (top left of the screen)