call for exhibition proposals

  • Deadline:
    June 20, 2002, 1 a.m.

Hello folks,

I'm putting together an exhibition of for New Langton Arts,
an experimental art gallery in San Francisco, CA, for Fall 2002. This
exhibition, 'Day Jobs', is described below and explores the
relationship between a net.artist's digital day job to their
art-making activities.
A NetWork exhibition at New Langton Arts

This exhibition explores the relationship between and its
social and economic context through case studies of individual
net.artists' day jobs in relation to their art, rather than the more
common art-historical or museological approach. This exhibition
examines the conditions of practice as a way into a genre. Digital
media artists have less of an economic base in art sales, and often
work in the same digital media by day for income as well as by night
as an artist. This situates digital artists between art and a
relatively new industry, as well as between their eerily similar day
and night activities, creating a kind of interference pattern that is
largely unexplored. This pattern is reflected in the art works, but
also, just as interestingly, in the day job projects of these
curators, programmers, and web-designers, often quite consciously.
This exhibition will look at a few of the more interesting cases,
taken from varied environments, and line up the art next to the day
job project as a way of uncovering how these new social,
intellectual, or economic patterns are influencing our art and the
rest of our lives.
I have a couple of people in mind for this show, but I'm writing to
you all to ask if you know of other artists who may present good
examples in this area - or if you yourself find yourself working in
this way. Ideally I would like to be able to exhibit an artist's next to projects they work on at their day job, and with the
help of the artist, try to make clear how themes, rebellions, or even
subconscious aesthetic decisions about information architecture or
programming may cross-over between the two. They need not be new

I'm preferentially looking for artists working in California; but
that's not an unbreakable rule. So, if you are working in this area
or know of others who are, please contact me at this email address
within the next week or so. Thank you very much,


Richard Rinehart
Digital Media Director, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
Instructor, Department of Art Practice
University of California, Berkeley