Michael and his histories

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Senko Studio presents an exhibition
"Michael and His Histories"
by Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato
Opening the 16th of August 12-15
Open Saturdays 12-15 and Sundays 14-17
Sct. Mathiasgade 35 D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Studies from an ongoing project by Donnachie-Simionato which when completed will create a continuous visual narrative of the history of the world through the study of one man by documenting his re-enactment of the events and people from antiquity to contemporary man and beyond.

By collecting over 200 portraits of Michael, taken in weekly sessions for over 2 years, Donnachie-Simionato are documenting a revisionist history of the world filtered through a single man's viewpoint formed by his half-remembered education, the films and television documentaries he has seen, with his imagination filling any spaces remaining.

Donnachie-Simionato are Australian citizens based in Milan, Italy, and are most known for their art publications at www.thisisamagazine.com
Michael is a dog-sitter and factotum who is often found walking his client's dogs in the park near Donnachie-Simionato's studio.

This study is a forerunner to a new book of the same title, to be released in late 2008.