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COLLECTION / online-Exhibition at pink gallery

First Opening 23rd August 2008 - Swen Daemen

Next Openings:

Mario Asef - August 30, 2008
Mileta Postic - September 6, 2008
Can Henne - September 13, 2008
Henry Woller - September 20, 2008

More are following and will be announced at the website
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COLLECTION is a container including an exhibition and an album with works, dealing with collecting. In the duration of the project, artists from different countries equip this container, with their work. The works can only be seen on the website in an exhibition which is continuously growing by newly added artists. But only the works of the artists who had their opening are available at the COLLECTION. Same time to every new opening, there is the possibility to download and print current files from the Album-page with pictures and texts from the respective artist to build up an album from COLLECTION. This album is the exhibition catalog and a collecting booklet in one.

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Information on the Album
Simultaneous to the exhibition there is an Album with pictures and texts of the Collection that can be downloaded from this page and printed. It is not complete yet but is only gradually made available. The album grows as the exhibition with every new artist joining.
With beginning of the exhibition the cover pages (files A and B) for the album can be downloaded from the website. An instruction file helps to print and collect everything after a prepared system. The files are only jpg´s with high resolution for good print quality.
At the opening of the first artist also the files C and D are made available, which contains pictures and texts from this work. Then at the opening of the second artist E and F, and so on …
So simultaneous to every new opening there is the possibility to download current files for self printing from the website, to generate an album of Collection in the course of time.
Thus the album becomes the exhibition catalog and a collecting booklet in one.
Anytime with appearance the files can be sent automatically by email, if requested. For that please send an e-mail to art@pinkgallery.de

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