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II Collective Exhibition Pistoia City

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II Collective Exhibition Pistoia City

From the 13th to the 27th of September 2008, by the Oratory of St. Giovanni, Viale Gramsci, 37.

Contemporary Art Exhibition Pistoia City 2008, painting, sculpture, performance, poetry, video, design, photography, fashion, jewelry.

Artists: Jackinthewind, Aika, Artisti Del Sole, Jose Barbosa, Simonetta Briganti, Franco Cappelli, Carla Carmo, Patrizia Cau, Piero Ceragioli, Paolo Cirio, Luca Cittadini, Angelo Cottone, Gianloris Cresti, Paul Crochat, Patrizia Crupi, Kurchi Dasgupta, Francesco Dau, Alfredo Di Bacco, Concezio Roberto Di Rocco, Oscar Odd Diodoro, Fabio Dolso, Miguel Fazenda, Marta Ferraz, Renato Galgano, Felice Giancaspro, Caroline Hammarbäck, Aminta Henrich, Antonella Iurilli Duhamel, Francisco Jesus, Majlinda Kelmendi, Laurent Koller, Doris B. Lambling, Martino Lo Cascio, Teresa Susy Manzo, Teresa Martins, Alain Al Maury, Maria Melo, Ana Mikic, Mj, Kim Molinero, Fabiola Murri, Patrizia Nicolini, Zoltan Pal, Katarina Pangrazi, Domenica Pollasto, Fátima Queiroz, Edri Rama, Franck Réthoré, Nicoletta Reina, Antonella Sassanelli, Claudia Sejanovich, Patty Silva, Miraldo Sponza Gambel, Sefedin Stafa, Sara Tonello, Massimo Venia, Claudia Vianello, Annarita Vitacca, Enza Voglio, Biljana Vujicic, Agnaldo X. Oliveira, Zoro

For this edition of the exhibition there will be a work selection. The theme of the exhibition is free, each artist will be able to present a maximum of 3 works. Size max 100x100 (we can only accept works without frame).
The works that will be displayed they must be presented in picture 300 dpi, 1024x708, to be provided with a short description of the work and the artist will also need to attach theirown curriculum.
The expiry date is the 30th of July 2008.

The selection will be carried cut by a commission made of four people a writer, critic of art, gallerist and someone in charge of the Creativ@rt Association that will manage all the operation.

The artist that will be selected, will be invited to send their own works not later then the 6th of September 2008, to be wrapped perfectly.( The wrapping will be used also to send the works back to the sender).

All the expense for the travelling (before and later) are to be charged to the artist, who is responsible also of an insurance policy.
The works will need to be delivered at 12 on the 6th of September.
The penalty will be the exclusion and the loos of any rights.

The presentation will be managed by the organisation and the arrangements of the works will be equal competence.
(It is possible to agree in advance about particular equipment to be used on the artist own space, but under the unquestionable judgement of the organisation).

At the end of the event the works will be removed, wrapped and sent back to the sender by the association, if not possible for the artists to come and pick them up.

The organisation provided:
The space, standard lighting (if necessary each artist can provided a different lighting for their own works)
The equipment
The realization of a four-colours-process catalogue
A small refreshment during the vernissage
The publication of the event on the main local newspaper
The presents of the local TV
The spreading of information on the internet
The logistic of the moving o side

For clarification and information
Piero Ceragioli

e-mail: picerag51@libero.it
cell.: 3493943521
On the catalogue will be published the best work choosed by the commission on the all page, the secondary two works will be printed on the first page but in a reduced format, together with a picture or a portrait of the author in the same place is provided a short biography of the artist.

A copy of catalogue will be distributed or sent to all participants.
Further copies will be available at printings cost, that will be communicated when will be sure of it.
Unitely with the catalogue each participant will have the right to get 5 invitation, printed in four-colour-process on paper of 300gr in format 10x15, more copies will be provided on request and will be sent at printing cost adding the expedition costs.

On request will be possible to have a review of the work that will be after published on the catalogue and on the website the association www.creativart.org
However it is provided the inclusion of a page for each participant on the web of the association.
The cost to participate is of 100 € (cento €uro), for cost refund, the rent of the place, printing catalogue and invitations, posters, banner, the exhibition guardian, but the editing of reviews will not be included in the some price, but will be negotiated afterwards.
The payment must be received on the 20th of August 2008 and sent to the POSTEPAY N° 4023 6004 5925 5438, or a half postal order Western Union.
It is compulsory that once it is made the payment on e-mail must be sent with personal date,the place where the payment is been made and the number of the pay in slip.